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Eco-smart EV Charge Point 7Kw Type 2 Tethered Black

Eco-smart EV Charge Point 7Kw Type 2 Tethered Black

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Part No: MYEN-ZAPPI-2H07TB EV Charging - EV Charger

    7kW Type 2 Tethered EV Charger in Black

    Charge your EV with your PV!

    Zappi has three charging modes: ECO, ECO+ and Fast. ECO settings use solar or wind energy intergrated with grid power. In Fast mode zappi operates like any other mains powered EV charger.

    • Optimises microgeneration self-consumption
    • Works with solar PV or wind turbine systems
    • Economy tariff sense input
    • Dynamic load balancing
    • Charge and event logging
    • PIN code lock function
    • OLEV (home/work) scheme approved 
    • Built-in RCD protection and earth fault detection - no earth rod required
    • Works alongside battery storage
    • 3 year warranty


    Supplier Part No: ZAPPI-2H07TB
    Weight: 6.5 kg
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