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Rolls 2-KS-33P > 2 Volt 1766 Amp Hour Flooded Battery

Rolls 2-KS-33P > 2 Volt 1766 Amp Hour Flooded Battery

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2 KS 33P Rolls 2V Series 5000 Battery

Dating back to 1959 Rolls Batteries is one of worlds leading lead-acid battery manufacturers based in Nova Scotia, Canada. Since 1959, the company has produced a wide range of Rolls-branded premium deep cycle batteries for use in Renewable Energy, Marine, Motive Power and Railroad applications. Rolls flooded and sealed AGM & GEL VRLA products are internationally recognised for their dependability, cycle life and outstanding quality.

The Rolls Series 5000

The unique battery design features dual container construction. Each cell is self contained in a high temperature- retardant, durable polypropylene case. The outer container is made of high-density unbreakable polyethylene, providing double protection from breakage and acid leakage. Cell replacement is clear and concise with bolt-on connectors, allowing the battery to be assembled or repaired on location.


• Advanced NAM additive for quicker & more efficient charging, increased capacity & improved cycle life

• Widest range of specifications available

• Modular dual container construction

• Computer controlled formation

• Robotically welded

• Included Rolls R-Cap

• 15 year average life*

• Load and capacity tested prior to shipping

* Cycle life may vary by application and is affected by frequency of cycling, operating temperature, depth of discharge (%DOD), adherence to manufacturer-recommended charging parameters and proper maintenance.


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