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Myenergi Libbi 5kW Hybrid + 10kWh Battery Bundle

Myenergi Libbi 5kW Hybrid + 10kWh Battery Bundle

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hybrid inverter and battery bundle made by myenergi is called the libbi.
The smooth integration of all myenergi devices is made possible by this 5kW hybrid inverter. The libbi can accommodate up to 4 batteries in tandem, which means up to 20kWh of energy storage is possible. In the event of a blackout, this product also offers the option of an emergency power supply (EPS) backup.

This Kit Includes:

1 x 5kW Libbi Inverter
2 x 5kWh Libbi Home Battery
1 x Myenergi Bess Controller
1 x 10kWh Cable Expansion Kit

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