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GIVENERGY ALL IN ONE - 13.5 KW - with Gateway

GIVENERGY ALL IN ONE - 13.5 KW - with Gateway

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Bundle: GivEnergy Gateway, 13.5kWh Battery, and Inverter

The All in One may provide 7kW of peak power into the residence in addition to any solar generation, primarily as an on-grid system. Including a huge 13.5kWh usable battery pack. When six systems are connected in parallel, 80kWh of usable storage and 30kW of electricity can be sent into the house. with a modular design that makes handling and installation simple. Grid Services Prepared Payments are being offered by energy suppliers and aggregators to end consumers who can lower their electricity usage during specific hours.

  • 13500Wh Capacity (13.5kWh)
  • 7000W Peak Power
  • 6000W Nominal AC Power
  • Weight: 173.7kg
  • IP Protection: IP65
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