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DC Isolator 1000V 32A 4-Pole (IP65)

DC Isolator 1000V 32A 4-Pole (IP65)

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Lockable Plastic Box DC Isolator Enclosure EDS1EL/N32 IP65
A power supply with a rated voltage of DC 1500V or less and a rated current of 50A or less is appropriate for the EDS1 series isolation switch. The device can disconnect one to four MPPT lines simultaneously and be used for rare on/off switching. In HVDC transmission and distribution systems, it is particularly useful for isolating lines. For example, it can be used to switch off the high voltage direct current that runs between solar panels and inverters.

Product Benefits

  • Installed at any angle can achieve IP67 waterproof level

  • UV resistance and V0 flame retardant material

  • Contact Silver Plating, silver layer thickness to the industry’s highest standards

  • Arcing Time in 3ms

  • Breather valve attached on the bottom of the isolator 

  • No Polarity

  • Lockable at OFF position

  • AS 60947.3:2018 and IEC 60947.1:2015 standard

  • 5 years warranty, product insurance, and recall insurance available

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