How Can You Get a Grant for Solar Panels in Ireland 2024?

How Can You Get a Grant for Solar Panels in Ireland? People chose solar panels because The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) offers incentives.

This article covers all of the solar panel grants that are available in Ireland, who is qualified to apply, and how to apply.

How to Get a Grant for Solar Panels in Ireland 2024?

You must meet the following criteria to be considered for an Irish solar panel grant.

  • Those in Ireland who wish to install solar panels on their homes are eligible for the award.

  • The property must have been built and occupied before 2021 to qualify for the grant.

  • If you already have a grant for solar panels, you can't apply for this one.

  • Proof of Home Ownership and Property Age: You must provide proof of home ownership .

  • To qualify for the award, your property must be connected to the energy distribution system (ESB Network).

Types of Solar Panel Grants in Ireland 2024

There are different types of solar panel grants available in Ireland, including:

Solar PV Panels Scheme:

Receive up to €2,100 for installing solar panels in your home. This grant provides money for residential installations.

Solar Water Heating Grant:

With the Solar Water Heating Grant, you can get up to €2,100 for solar water heating systems, which are solar thermal systems.

BEC Scheme Grants:

The BEC Scheme grants community solar projects, paying for half the project costs.

The Solar Schools Grant provides funding for schools to install solar PV systems. This grant helps schools by covering the costs of installing solar panels. Schools can apply for this grant to receive financial assistance for solar energy projects.

Commercial PV solar panel installation:

Commercial solar panel installations can receive up to €162,000 in funding through the Non-Domestic Microgen Scheme.

How to Calculate Grant Amount?

The size of the system and the type of solar panel installation determine the grant amount. An overview of the grant amounts is provided below:

Grant Type

Grant Amount

Domestic Grant

€800 per kWp up to 2kWp, then €250 per additional kWp up to €2,100

Non-Domestic Grant

€900 per kWp up to 2kWp, then €300 per kWp up to €2,400

Larger Commercial Systems

Up to €162,600 with €300 per kWp up to 20kWp, then €200 per kWp up to 200kWp, and €150 per kWp up to 1MWp


With €300 per kWp up to 20 kWp, €200 per kWp up to 200 kWp, and €150 per kWp up to 1 MWp, the maximum amount is €162,600.

How Can You Get a Grant for Solar Panels in Ireland 2024? Applying Process

Take these actions to apply for Ireland's solar panel grant:

  • Complete the application form and include necessary documents, like proof of home ownership and property age.
  • Get Approval from the SEAI before Installation: You must get Approval from the SEAI before installing your solar panels.
  • Submit invoices and documents for reimbursement after completing the installation.
  • To find out more about the grant and how to apply, visit the SEAI website or get in touch with them.

In the end we try to explain How Can You Get a Grant for Solar Panels in Ireland. Grant facility makes it cheaper and easier to switch to renewable energy by lowering installation costs.

Learn about the requirements, different grants, and how to apply to save money on your electricity bills.

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