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Wallbox Pulsar Plus Black 22kw

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Black 22kw

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For plug-in hybrids and electric cars, Wallbox Pulsar is a clever and useful charging solution. With the most cutting-edge technology and the most compact design available, Pulsar offers the best possible charging performance for vehicles. It can be installed in any setting, including residential garages and public or business parking lots.
It is possible to track energy usage, see charging history, and plan charging sessions with the myWallbox portal. Even better, you can set your Wallbox up using the Wallbox App to charge during the most economical period of the day. You can also update the firmware using the app, providing you piece of mind and a product that is ready for the future.
Simple to use color-coded status LEDs show the charging process in real-time, making it possible to

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