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AUX9 VARTA Premium Aux Car Battery 12V 9AH

AUX9 VARTA Premium Aux Car Battery 12V 9AH

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Voltage 12 Volts
Technology AGM
Capacity (C20) 9 Ah
CCA (EN) 130 A
Length 151 mm
Width 87 mm
Height inc. terms 106 mm

VARTA Auxiliary Batteries provide seamless functionality to electrical components. Modern cars consume a considerable amount of electricity. As a result, cars with internal combustion engines often have two batteries: a standard 12-volt starter battery and an auxiliary battery. So when it comes to replacing a weak or defective auxiliary battery, it is vital to rely on a high-performance replacement. It is also important to always replace an AGM auxiliary battery with another AGM auxiliary battery to avoid the risk of malfunction and vehicle breakdown.

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